Invoicing Made Elementary

Invoice HUB offers banks and enterprises the highest-level, bespoke invoice management system on the market that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing business management frameworks, and truly make invoicing nothing more than an elementary task.


What We Offer

Invoice HUB for Banks

A white-label solution, granting banks their own, bespoke financial management systems fitting the needs of SME customers with user-friendly and ready-to-go invoicing features integrated into the online bank.

Invoice HUB for Enterprises

An efficient digital invoice management product, enabling enterprises to set up their own cutting-edge, bespoke invoicing system block-by-block suiting their needs.


A Request-to-Pay solution, offering a brand-new flexible framework to efficiently manage and automate business processes in addition to settle bills instantly through a secure and frictionless solution.


What’s in it for You

Competitive Edge

Banks and enterprises alike unlock numerous new opportunities with Invoice HUB as their digital invoice management system.


Invoice HUB is tailored to suit your unique needs with fully customizable and parametrizable data structures, functionality, and business processes without the burdens of hard coding.


Invoice HUB offers fast, straightforward, and seamless implementation and integration to any ERP systems and platforms.

Simplifying Your Activities

Invoice HUB empowers you to minimize administrational burdens, as well as assists you saving substantial resources that would otherwise be spent on the invoicing-and-payment cycle.

Your Gateway to the Concept of Complete Invoice Interoperatibility

Unlocking Your Real Potential

From the banking side, Invoice HUB unlocks the opportunity of gaining full access of crucial transactional data.For corporates besides managing both outgoing and incoming invoices’ throughout their whole lifecycle, it hands enterprises the key to digital archiving and verified digital contract management.

SMEs Served

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Savings Potential